Zhang yuxiLiu jingtaoSun jizhao


 The distribution of beryllium in groundwater of the Pearl River Delta and the major factors were studied, based on chemical data of 937 groups of groundwater samples collected. The results show that beryllium content ranges from 0 to 40.3?g?L-1, with the mean content of 0.66?g?L-1. Samples of beryllium content exceeding the upper limit for drinking water in China were only scattered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and Huizhou, with the standard-exceeding rate being 2.24%. The pH and aluminum were the major factors influencing distribution of beryllium in groundwater. Acidic and high aluminum content in groundwater and soil provided favorable conditions for migration of beryllium. Rock weathering and natural soil formation was one of the origins of beryllium in groundwater, and pollution caused by human activities was the other important source, especially in the severely contaminated sites.

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