There is an urgent requirement to examine the quality of harvested rainwater for potable and non-potable purposes, based on the type of roo ? ng material. In this study, we examined the effect on thequality of harvested rainwater of conventional roo ? ng materials (concrete, asphalt and ceramic tile roofs)compared with alternative roo?ng materials (green roof). The results showed that the ceramic tile roofwas the most suitable for  rainwater-harvesting  applications  because  of  the  lower concentrations ofleachable pollutants. However, in this study, the green roof was not suitable for rainwater harvestingapplications. In addition, seasonal trends in water quality parameters showed that pollutants in roofrunoff in summer and autumn were lower than those in winter and spring. This study revealed that thequality of harvested rainwater was signi ? cantly affected by the roo ? ng material; therefore, local government and urban planners should develop stricter testing programs and produce more weatheringresistant roo ? ng materials to allow the harvesting of rainwater for domestic and public uses.

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